Tree Wash

Let the leaves breathe with our tree wash services. 

We often see full of dirt and dust settled on tree leaves in Delhi’s pollution.  Dusty, grimy layers on leaves limit the amount of light leaves receive.  

We use pressure wash technique to shower your trees making them shine, looking healthy and fresh.  

We assure to convert your garden trees into a dust free green haven within a snap, improving the overall ambient Air Quality around you. 

With our expertise in garden cleaning under tree cleaning services, you can now start planning garden parties at your farmhouse.  


What is the best way to clean indoor plant leaves? 

You can clean the leaves of large houseplants by simply wiping them with a moist cloth or damp cotton.  

Support the leaves with one hand to avoid bruising or cracking them.  

Do you use oils and polishes to make houseplant leaves shine? 

No, oils or polishes block the pores of the leaves, which can interfere with a plant’s ability to breathe. 

Is Pressure wash technique good for cleaning trees? 

Many would say using pressure wash technique is not ideal and may cause trees to shed leaves. 

With our expert’s experience, we use pressure cleaning technique for big and long trees with right pressure for showering the tree. In the process, some leaves might shed just it would do in case of a natural rainfall. 

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