Office Cleaning


One time office deep cleaning service  

Moving to a new office or renovated your old office?  

Get a deep cleaning service from our expert team of cleaners who will thoroughly deep clean your office post project work before you move in. 

Why office deep cleaning is required?  

Your regular cleaning people do not have much time or the necessary skill to do a deep cleaning of your office. To give your office that fresh, clean look we bring you our expert cleaners to deep clean your office. A deep cleaning is necessary quarterly. This helps improve your office indoor air quality. 

What all will be cleaned? 

  • Work stations 
  • Cabins 
  • Glasses 
  • Window blinds 
  • Cabinets and cupboards (items to be removed before) 
  • Carpet vacuum cleaned 
  • All Chairs and Sofas Vacuum cleaned 
  • Washroom 
  • Pantry 
  • AC (Exterior only) 
  • Floor Scrubbing and Polishing 

Yearly Maintenance Contract 

We undertake AMC to clean and maintain your office. We depute professionally trained & Uniformed Housekeepers and supervisor on daily basis to do the cleaning work according to cleaning checklists and duty chart as per your office requirements. 

  • SpringClean™ offers total Housekeeping Management services to big corporate houses, offices and Multinational Companies on annual contract basis.  
  • We depute skilled and trained housekeepers with necessary cleaning material and machinery. 
  • Periodic training to staff and audits for optimum utilization of the housekeeping resources 
  • Generate monthly housekeeping reports  

   Contact us for a meeting to understand your requirement 


Do you clean on working days? 

The office must be vacant for our cleaners to do the job perfectly. 

Why should we need office deep cleaning when we have regular housekeeping?

As housekeeping staff has to clean large areas every day in a limited time, they don’t do detailed cleaning. Deep cleaning can be done once in a quarter. 

Do you provide AMCs as well? 

Yes, we do take cleaning AMCs for office cleaning. 

How do you clean walls? Are Windows Facades and False Ceiling included? 

We dust walls and remove cobwebs. Yes, but only accessible windows will be cleaned. 

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