Floor Cleaning


Floor Cleaning and Polishing: 

Even after getting your floors mopped regularly, the floor surface loses its shine over a period of time and it becomes hard to remove the dirt as it starts accumulating on it.  

The solution is to get your floor scrubbed using a single disk machine fitted with floor scrubbing pads. 

We can get your floor Scrubbed, Cleaned, Polished & Buffed using single disk machine and floor specific pads to make it shine and sparkling! 

The Work carried out by highly experience people. 


How much time does floor scrubbing and polishing takes? 

It depends upon the floor size and the condition 

Which are the types of floor you clean? 

We do cleaning of floors such as Marble, Tiled, Mosaic and Wooden floors. 

How do you clean the wall skirting?  

Wall Skirting cleaning is done by hand 

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